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Exploring Patterns Through Lamination | Hand Machine & Joinery

Instructor Scott Smith | 2017 - 2018

Project : Cabinet and stand fabrication from scratch and objects made through lamination

Carnegie Mellon University | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The cabinet is fabricated using three different types of wood: walnut, maple and cherry, while the stand is made up of only walnut. All the pieces of wood were prepared from wood planks using the jointer and planer and then used table saw, band saw, various sanders, mortiser, router, hand drills and drill press to make all the pieces of the cabinet. The different joints used on the cabinet are dovetail joints, mortise and tenon, rabbet joints. After the final sanding process and glue up, everything was coated with polyurethane wood finish and then sanded with finer grain and repeated this process a couple times for smoother finish.

For lamination projects, many types of wood were used, such as walnut, poplar, maple, birch, cherry, purple heart, yellow heart, padauk, and wenge. Pieces of wood were cut using different machines to create patterns through lamination and distinctive cuts.



Joinery: Cabinet and Stand

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