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Carnegie Mellon University | School of Architecture

Instructor Jeremy Ficca | Professor Jennifer Lucchino | Spring 2017

exterior render.jpg

Project Site : Crawford Path hiking trail near Saco Lake

White Mountains in New Hampshire

This project required to create a wellness center that compliment the Appalachian Mountain Club Highland Center Lodge located in the rugged and majestic white mountains of New Hampshire, seeking to expand resources to include a facility that offers both physical and mental respite through healing properties of water. The wellness center explores how space, form, materials, and human experience work together to produce an atmosphere that contribute to our senses and human perception. This specific project is sited near the hiking trail, Crawford Path, for easier access mostly for the hikers. The focus for this bathhouse was to create a therapeutic experience for its users. It looks immersed in the woods from the outside because of its exterior wood cladding quality which signifies its existence as one with the woods. Along with fundamental spatial and material qualities, this project also investigated how the building relates to the site and meets the ground to establish atmospheres. To provide therapeutic experiences for its users, it consists of sequences of use and architectural language of representation with floor and walls, as well as openings. Having two different paths, steps and slopes, to transition to the next space signify the users’ choice to clearly move on to the next experience or linger to extend the experience. Also the series of openings allow light into the building to guide the users to move on to the next space of experience and serve as a preview for the large overlook view area as well as the outdoor access at the top floor.

Section & Plan

Section and Plan.jpg

Site Plan 

Site plan and Key map.jpg
Site plan and Key map.jpg


final hot pool render.jpg

Hot pool

final warm pool render.jpg

Warm pool

final cold pool render.jpg

Cold pool & Overlook 

Floor diagram .jpg

Floor Diagram

Material Study Model

Final Model

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