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Carnegie Mellon University | School of Architecture

Instructors Gerard Damiani and Douglas Cooper | Fall 2015

Project : Peninsula House by Sean Godsell

Victoria, Australia

In Collaboration with Min Young Jeong and Alison Katz

This project allowed us to study the existing buildings by many architects. The building assigned to my group was the Peninsula House by Sean Godsell in Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia built in 2000-2002. This house had a big focus on nature and light.Godsell created the exoskeleton that respond to inclement weather and provide shelter for the endoskeleton. Made with timber, the exoskeleton has operable timber shutters that open and close and also act as the way to the outdoor garden. With timber screens and glass walls and roof, light filters into the endoskeleton and provides different amount lighting as well as cast shadows to different rooms. The living room receives the most light, bedroom is moderately light and the library is dark compared to the other two rooms. For Peninsula House, inhabitants were used as elements to give life to the house.Godsell was a minimalist and defined architecture as "simple, almost to disappointment".

Building Model

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