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Building Transformation: Parasite | Foundation II | Coordinator Kai Gutschow | Professors David Celento, Nicholas Liadis, and Talia Perry

Spring 2016


This project asked to design a small addition, insertion, or installation for Hunt Library that begins to transform the building and its program into a leading edge academic library that drives CMU and its campus into the future.
To Hunt Library, I added more space to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors based on their programs to increase more studying space for students spend time or study in. With research and visits to the library, I found out there are lack of study space for students.
I extended 1st floor cafe to the peace garden outside next to the Hunt Library to have more connection to nature. This space may be used as a place to be during study breaks or a place to study near the garden which gives the feeling of being outside while inside. For 2nd floor, I extended to the front of the library for more group study space. Lastly, I extended the 3rd floor to increase the individual study space and enclose it inside as well for its privacy. With these extensions, students can experience the outer feel inside as well as get exposed to more sunlight. To control the amount of sunlight, a shading system has been added surrounding the extrusions of space.

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