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In Collaboration with Min Young Jeong

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Final Stage

Project : Fashion Designer. Designing a clothing line for Lunar Gala, an annual student-run fashion show event and largest Fashion event in Pittsburgh

Carnegie Mellon University | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Click to watch SYNERGY : COEXIST line show video          .

This line is called SYNERGY : COEXIST. SYNERGY occurs through the interaction of elements that when combined create a greater outcome than just the individual elements. SYNERGY : COEXIST explores the juxtaposition between rigidity and flexibility to demonstrate the synergy created between the basic structure in human nature. Every organism is carefully and systematically built to survive. This line examines the different degrees of how humans can be related to different organisms in nature and how each characteristics strive for survival in society, as well as include the biomimicry of organisms in nature. Within this varying representation of human nature, the idea of rigidity and flexibility remain consistent. SYNERGY : COEXIST exhibits the coexistence within the vulnerability in humanity and how humans portray themselves. This exploration allows us to explore and examine our own persona to see how we might exhibit ourselves in society.

SYNERGY : COEXIST also shows the architectural structure of human beings. When one element of the structural system stands by itself, it is fragile. However, with aggregation of that one part, it then builds on one another and becomes a whole. This aggregation brings forth the synergy between the coexistence of frame and connections. SYNERGY : COEXIST explores the juxtaposition of rigid and flexible systems as well as accentuate the aesthetic quality of the materials.

Final Looks

Initial Planning

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