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CIEE Global Institute Berlin | Global Architecture & Design

Instructor Lukas Kronawitter | Fall 2019

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Project Site : Schumacher Quartier in Urban Tech Republic (former Tegel Airport)

Project Scale: 48 hectares

Berlin, Germany

This project reevaluates the Schumacher Quartier Proposal for the Urban Tech Republic in an urban scale. The project studies the connectivity of mobility hubs and explores fluid movement along the site to provide total access. In a way to integrate all the users of the space, the site extends to a small part of "Industriepark" to include collaborative ecosystem of students, residents, educators, innovators, and etc. Inclusivity of various users allows for extensive sharing of resources and knowledge across Schumacher Quartier. The inclusion of the Industry Park also provides the urban lab environment and gives the public access to observe on site how technology works in Industry 4.0. The buildings have been generated by pathways and movement along the site which also offers smoother transition from one location to another and contribute to a cohesive environment

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Schumacher Site Plan.jpg

Site Plan

Elevation & Section

Elevation f19.jpg
Section f19.jpg
Section key.jpg

Mixed-use Program

program axon.jpg

Generative Diagrams

Generative Diagram.jpg

Pathway Generation Process

3d pathway 1.jpg
3d pathway 2.jpg

Daylight Studies

sun study compiled.jpg
sun study compiled.jpg
sun study compiled.jpg
sun study compiled.jpg

Pathway Matrix

pathways matrix 1015.jpg

Process Model

Final Models

Process Sketches

Aerial view axon.jpg

Axonometric View

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