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Carnegie Mellon University | School of Architecture

Instructor Steve Lee | Professor Lori Fitzgerald | Spring 2018

Project Site : Carrick, Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

This project is relocating Environmental Charter School, which is a middle school for 6th to 8th grade, to Carrick, Pittsburgh. This school strives to achieve environmental strategies and allow students to get engaged in these matters through teaching,
architectural elements in the building, spaces inside the building designated for activities. Environmental Charter School is also used as a community space for local residents to use after school hours and weekends. The school wants the students to be
active environmental members of their community so Philips Park adjacent to the school can be taken as an advantage for students to further their learning experience. The interior of the school consists of numerous bridges and stairs in the atrium space connecting different parts of the school as well as
different floors. This signifies the exchange and flow of 

site plan.jpg

knowledge in the school that students learn and share among classmates. Classrooms are also visually open so that students are stimulated to share their knowledge. Environmentally, the operable windows allow natural ventilation, and indoor garden on the ground floor provides clean and fresh air.

ecs_sectional perspective.jpg

Sectional Perspective


render 1.jpg
render 2.jpg
plans fixed.jpg




Building Section Detail

spaigr combined.jpg

Final Model

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