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Carnegie Mellon University | School of Architecture

Instructor Dana Cupkova | Professors Nina Chase and Matthew Huber | Fall 2017

Project Site : Strip District in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

In Collaboration with Denise (Zhenting) Jiang

Compiled documentation of Eco-Morphology         .

This housing is located in Strip District of Pittsburgh with a direct relationship to the Allegheny River. Based on the site conditions present in Strip District, such as wind, sunpath, and flooding, the housing morphology is designed to resolve those issues in the urban context using eco-machines like the living machine, and to mix the urban and suburban communities harmoniously. To create a unified community, different sized courtyards are present. The housing unit geometry allows the units to interconnect, grow, and expand spontaneously by shifting and rotating. The overall site is arranged so that more dense area  

site axon.jpg

signifies the residential area and loosely connected area signifies the public area that any neighbors can access, even the river. Topography of the site is manipulated to orchestrate the water flow and collect stormwater even in the neighboring areas to treat in the living machines. The courtyards contain the living machines that use biofilters to treat the collected stormwater and wastewater that can be reused in the community. The treated water is also used as mist in the courtyard for direct cooling experience for the residents during summer. Roof and floors are extended to create shades, and more housing units are stacked where the wind mostly comes from to prevent strong wind. The connection to the river is very subtle, and the residents and neighboring people can easily access the water.

Site Plan

site plan.jpg

Abstract Site Plan

final abstract plan.jpg


courtyard render flattened.jpg

Courtyard with Living Machine


Public Amenities

site section.jpg

Site Section

Environmental Information Overlay

abstract to literal.jpg
site bldg circulation.jpg
site bldg circulation.jpg
new matrix .jpg

Geometry Matrix

Living Machine Process & Application

living machine diagram.jpg
mist diagram.jpg

Water Collection

mist diagram2.jpg

Mist Diagram : use

mist diagram2.jpg

Mist Diagram : flow

Final Model

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